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I have been meditating for over thirty years. It started out at fits and starts, but over that last several years I have been doing it almost every day (an hour or so) and it has brought me relaxation, wellness and a great measure of enlightenment.

I point first time readers to this page in order to outline what this website offers and how to find it. Please note that at this point all of the articles on this site are by me and consequently offer my perspective alone. However, there are many interviews with both teachers and practitioners who engage in a wide range of approaches to meditation and have much advice and wisdom to offer.

New to Meditation

If you are new to meditation, please consider reading some of the quotes on beginning meditation. Alternatively, follow this link to types of meditation and from there follow links to both articles and interviews on a specific form of meditation. In addition, these links offer my own perspective on the point of meditation and what meditation is. Meditation has had its share of meditation teachers and masters and I am making an effort to include more information on these masters and their techniques.

Avid Practitioners

If you have been meditating for some time, you are likely stopping by to see what others have to say about their practice. I recommend reading the interviews and articles on both those practices you are familiar with, and then those that you are not. So many angles on meditation (the same essential effort) can balance our perspective in regard to our own practice. If you haven't participated, please consider doing a meditation interview.

Simple Beginnings

If you would like to just dive in, please understand that the art of meditating has no real rules. Yes, there are formal practices and postures, and on and on. I believe that most people who meditate consistently will agree that your biggest obstacle is your resistance to simply sitting down and doing it. If you can get past this, then you are well on your way. After that, you can focus on the details (i.e. erect spine, breathing, other postures, etc.).

Once you have managed to sit still for a reasonable length of time, you will naturally begin to notice what there is left to notice. Eyes closed, and just sitting, all that is left to notice (beyond any aches and pains in your body) are the thoughts and images in your mind. Bring in the awareness that all these are not you but exist outside of you, so simply witness them. You will want to get up and start doing things because of what you are thinking about. The trick is to let the mind go on without triggering you into any action. Just sit and witness. If you can manage to get this far you will begin to notice the beginnings of the benefits of meditation.

Meditation Practices

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