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Interview with Benjamin Dean


Do you see other folks unfolding in to this remembering now, and what if any is our role in assisting this "awakening"?


Life is so subjective that is very difficult to know what is going on with others. We have language for this and still it’s difficult. I have to reflect upon my days in theatre to answer this first one. As a dramatist if you want to reveal character to the audience you stick them in a rough situation. If you want to reveal their moral fiber for instance you make it really easy for them to get away with something and watch them struggle (or not).

Circumstances reveal character far better than chatting with them, just as modeling is the preferred way of teaching (which I believe answers your second question). If we can get excited about our own waking up to the joy in life then it will naturally excite others. There is an episode in one of the Castaneda books where Don Juan is telling Carlos a story about a father and his son. The son is so absolutely entitled and a bully of sorts. Don Juan recommends that the father hire someone to scare the living daylights out of him– out of nowhere.

His argument for this is that the boy needs to develop more respect for the irrational and unknown. After the boy has been caught off guard and beaten a bit for no reason whatsoever he will paying a little more attention to the unknown and the father can be there to comfort him with guidance. This is healing. I love this story and I have to admit that I am sometimes compelled to throw the occasional wrench though officially I don’t see it as any of my business.

No-one should impose a time-frame for development on any other being or even play God believing they know what anyone needs. One CAN however play Nature and this is how I see it. If I am compelled then this is nature– just as our emotional lives make the law of attraction clear. It is not pre-meditated just meditated. It is not governed by any prevailing idea, only the truth of the moment. Nature is healing.


So, today is there a type of meditation that you practice regularly? And with "yes or no" what has been the effect or benefit of your blossoming in awareness? Also do you believe there truly exists "moral fiber" or "character"?


I started a sitting meditation practice soon after Alan Watts and Mescaline. It remains my preferred approach. I just sit still with legs crossed. I just sit. It has been thirty or so years. Only within the last ten or twelve years has it been significant in terms of healing. Before then it was out of curiosity and the determination to become awakened. I had a breakthrough a couple of years after I started and since then I have just been “cleaning house”.

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