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Interview with Cabernet Lazarus


What would you consider your type of meditation, if any?


I've done a few kinds. I've done some sitting meditation where I started with a prayer, then slowed my breathing and watched my thoughts with amusement. I've studied yoga and done a personal practice for 60-90 minutes every morning, and held the postures in a focused, meditative way. This always ends with Sivasana, the corpse pose which is quieting and surrendering. Currently I do a lot of walking, which amounts to a walking meditation. It's calming and I never feel the same leaving as I do returning.


I'm so excited that you are doing this interview and sharing your meditation experiences. I already have tons of questions but let me start with the one that is likely to fade, and that is– when you say a "moving meditation" did you mean emotional? As this is probably a yes or no question, I will add another to the mix– I want to hear about the experience of watching thoughts with amusement. There are those who have difficulty separating thoughts from self. Was this ever a problem and if so, how did it change. If not, please describe the experience of watching thoughts.


HAHAHA, I learned "watching thoughts with amusement" from you! In the Yoga Sutras or the Bhagavad Gita they say that the mind is like a drunken monkey bitten by a snake or scorpion. The mind's nature is to race about and NOT be still. So, when sitting in meditation the mind is like an ADD kid having a temper tantrum. It's not personal. it is simply its nature. Having that knowledge makes it possible for me to sit and not judge how crappy a meditator I may be, but instead to just notice with a sense of humor all that my brain does to avoid being still– and when my judgment halts, my thoughts eventually subside, or at least quiet– usually for only a short, but satisfying moment.

To answer your first question, no. I will try to avoid any potty humor! I just mean meditation through movement, like walking or sun salutations. I know one person who does it while swimming. I have also found beading or knitting to be meditative.


Do you do the quieting while sitting or do you now mostly do moving meditations? Also, do you experience clarity through meditation about prevailing issues in your life? Is there a guidance that comes from this practice or is it mostly a calming influence?


Oh, you like to ask all the hard questions, don't you??? Thanks to you and this interview, I was inspired to do a sitting meditation! I haven't done one for a good long while, but that's changing today. So, I just have to say that nothing I say is original, I have been taught through tradition or reading, everything I know. And I did a 2 year long yoga teacher training program, so you will hear a huge influence from that.

You asked "Do you experience clarity through meditation about prevailing issues in your life?" I have been taught that praying is talking to God/Higher Power/Mother Earth/Spirit/Creator-take your pick, and meditating is listening. I have also been taught, as I have said, that meditating is a practice to quiet the mind. I'm guessing so one can hear!!!

In the Yoga tradition it's a progression from Yamas and Niyamas- which are a code of ethics similar to the 10 commandments and a commitment to the journey (my favorite is Santosa, or contentment. I can think of no deeper spiritual practice than to find contentment in everything!), to Asana- the postures that firm the body to be a temple, supple and strong enough to sit a meditation, to Pranayama- learning to control the breath, the life force, to Pratyahara-turning the senses inward, to Dharana- concentration, to Dhyana- meditation, to Samadhi- enlightenment.

I love that it is a progression, and a journey, not an arrival, or a failure. The yogis talk a lot about the waves slowly, over much time, wearing away the side of a mountain. It's about doing it small, and having tiny successes that you often can't see until much later.

So, no– I do not experience clarity or answers. I get quiet enough to be in a relaxed state to make saner decisions and am often reminded to do the simple things like eat and wait. When I walk I notice the beauty and scale of nature, so it's all about perspective. I get "right sized" as does my problems.

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