Cabernet Lazarus, 3

Interview with Cabernet Lazarus


I have two more questions, and they are as follows. When the answers sit well and the clarity comes and the doubt is removed does something change on a sensation-level, in your body? Is there an opening up of sorts? That was question one. Question two is as to whether you ever find yourself in any form of meditation practice in order to trigger this clarity. Does it help to do less while you are waiting for an answer to a fork in the road? Does quieting the mind help, or does it just happen by itself regardless.


Gosh, I never thought about, or noticed any change in my body. I am thinking a relaxation occurs. And, really how can my heart be any more open than it already is??? Just kidding. My response to sitting for clarity on a particular thing: that's not at all how I meditate. For me it's a daily, regimented practice (or not!), not a results thing. Prayer is also not a results thing for me, either, but a place to bring my desires/frustrations to be removed by giving them up. The only "result" I am looking for is to let go of results!!!

Answer to Question 2: I'm a rather hesitant, inconsistent meditator. When a problem is plaguing me I first go to prayer and pray to be relieved of self and let go of the outcome. Then in the quiet moments I get those ridiculously simple answers like eat and wait. The big answers I think come from other people when I am in a calm state. The answers probably come when I'm not in a calm state, but I can't hear them then! I was reading through the yoga sutras and the translator wrote that if you drop a pebble in the ocean or in a calm lake, it will make ripples, but you won't be able to discern the ripples from the rest of the movement of the ocean– great analogy, in my opinion.

I have reinvested in my meditation practice because of this dialog, so feel free to check in and see if I feel the same way, or if maybe I do notice more. And if you think of anything else to ask feel free, I'm getting a lot out of answering your queries!


I love the pebble dropping story. I also love hearing about the bodily response of relaxation. There are a series of books by Esther and Jerry Hicks and they speak often about "The Art of Allowing" which relates to the waiting you speak about. They also write about the feeling of "relief" as a way of knowing you are on the right track. I thought of this Art of Allowing at your mention of relaxation.

I am so glad to hear that you are getting "a lot out of this" and I am also really excited to hear that you are re-investing. I would love to check in with you at a later date. I actually thought of one more question if you will permit me. It is in regard to the wisdom that comes. Where do you believe that it comes from and why does it take time? What is it waiting for? Why is time needed?


Where does the wisdom come from? HAHAHA! Isn't that what everyone wants to know! I don't know if it's a "God thing", or the innate wisdom some believe is in us all! I kinda don't look that gift horse in the mouth! I don't think there is a difference between God and the innate wisdom in us all. If we are created in his/her/it/their image, then a seed of him/her/it/them is in us, and if that is so, why can't we tap into that if we put our attention/intention there?

I think it takes time because the drunken-monkey-bitten-by-a-snake nature of the brain. It takes time for the mind to settle into that calm pond to see the ripples.

I think maybe the time is needed– the waiting is for a different vibration– like we try to move like leaves in a windstorm, fast and in many directions. But our true nature is closer to geologic time???? Maybe if the answers came too quickly we would take them for granted? Maybe the question is like planting a seed, and we need to wait a season or two for the answer harvest? Maybe it is a long road from the brain to the heart and back?


So insightful and to the point. Thank you so much. Thank you for doing this interview. I have really enjoyed it.

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