Caroline Manrique, 2

Interview with Caroline Manrique


I feel like this is going well. This may sound a little confrontational, but it is not how I mean it... I am simply trying to draw out a more tangible description of experience... and so I want to know if you can tell me how you know you are following your heart– that it is a heart path. What is it on a feeling level that makes this clear to you?


It's a "knowing" but not understanding. There is a big difference between the two. I can feel it in my solar plexus– really. Knowing is so different than understanding. Sometimes I have to make a quick decision and I go with what feels right (even though it may not seem logical). I don't really understand why I choose it, but I know it's the right thing to do.

Sort of like when I signed up to take the Reiki course. I knew within my heart it was the right path to follow...although I had no understanding about it. Some people may find this "reckless" as I don't always follow what is logical. But when I follow my heart (or intuition) it never fails me.


Knowing and understanding. This is good. I would like to hear more. The words knowing and understanding, because we are dealing with language, can still be misunderstood. There are those who use the word "understanding" in relation to the heart and "knowing" or "knowledge" in relation to the mind or a thinking process. So, in order to be utterly clear I wonder if you could speak on this. For instance, are there any thoughts involved in your process of knowing? What kind of feeling takes place in your solar plexus? Are there images involved– a flash of insight? If so, how does the flash manifest?


To me the difference between knowing and understanding is this...logic/thought. To "know" is more intuitive. To "understand" requires the use of thought and logical reasoning. So when I follow my intuition or my heart...I "know" that it's right, but I may not be able to describe why this is to be true. I don't often "understand" the meaning behind the feeling...but I just follow what feels right.

I feel "the knowing" in my solar plexus. Like a warmth or a pulling of sorts. I don't usually get images...but that sort of "aha!" feeling. It's so hard to describe in it's more of a sensation. In regards to when these feelings usually comes out of the blue. Sometimes is comes when I am in a situation and I need to make a quick decision. Then I follow what feels right at that moment.

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