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I felt a great deal of understanding, compassion and deep caring in your response. It IS a difficult business, I agree. If you like integrity and integration, try on ignorance and ignoring. I believe our ignorance is due to paying less attention. Ultimately it is up to us to look deep within like an archeologist and unearth all those unpleasant monsters and clean that all up– even when much of it was created out of necessity.

It requires tremendous patience, love towards self, and courage to take on this responsibility, as so many of these shadows are due to our early environment having been internalized. We each carry our own genetic and behavioral inheritance of human suffering. As far as the goal goes, I do believe it is the same for all. I don't believe freedom comes in different flavors. I believe there is one freedom that we all share. It is that same space, deep within.

When you say that we are all light and peace, this is that same space– where dimension, nature and energy collapse into one heart– and that heart is free. I believe also that when we find it, we know this. Until then, we only sense that it is there and so our goals are defined by what we know. This I believe is what causes these goals to be so diverse– not really understanding what we are looking for, and hearing about it– reading about it– wanting to believe we can find it.

I agree with you about teachers. The human heart is both simple and complex. That level of complexity and refinement when open is so beautiful. We learn so much through the process of relating with other human beings. I think synchronicity and the law of attraction does much of this. If we seek out a teacher then this is one expression that can be met.

I cannot tell you how many times a complete stranger has made a remark that was exactly what I needed to hear– or a non-verbal encounter with someone that will strike hard at my complacency, self-interest, or stubbornness. I am perfect now, of course. This was all long ago. Choke. Cough. I am enjoying our discussion. I am hesitant to throw in so much of what I believe, as the structure of interviewer and interviewee feels as if it starts to break down– and I want to honor the intent of this process. Then I realize that the more I get involved, the deeper the conversation can go, so I keep writing.

I have had someone ask me why I meditate with intent, with the argument that I would be exactly where I am developmentally had I not. I don't know what to say to this. I suppose whatever there is in me that pays attention will pay whatever attention it can. Is it all really my doing, or is it beyond me? This may remain a mystery– just like any other form of hindsight. Sometimes seeking is the very thing that is in the way. What do you think about this? Would you be exactly where you are regardless of what YOU think YOU do?


Well first off (and you probably don't want this in the interview, I don't know) on whether the goal is the same for all, I did definitely used to think this way, and on some level I still do. It is what my own experience leads me to. But in the last few years I have been very immersed in a lot of women's spirituality writings, and also have befriended a prominent spiritual artist whose work I respect, and in both those realms have come across a lot of people who are actually offended by this idea.

I also was reading about 'star seeds' recently, an idea used by many Akashic Record readers, and came across the same views there. It's a big topic, so probably too much of a tangent to share here, but it has been an interesting exploration. As for your actual question, I do think seeking often does become the very thing that is in the way– along with 'techniques' and 'practices' and all of that. We miss the forest for the trees, or get trapped in pursuing dramatic experiences, or get trapped in a 'spiritual ego'. I was recently reading Adyashanti's The End of Your World, and he did an excellent job talking about all the ways we can hang ourselves up on the spiritual path.

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But I also think these are necessary phases for most of us, and seeking with some intent is necessary. If that were not true, I think we would have a very different world– the world at large does not (in my opinion) reflect a reality that everyone is awakening to the peace within themselves naturally. We have free will, and so we have to choose to seek, and it takes some effort. To me, this is why mystic traditions have sprung up in virtually every culture around the world– seeking is a fundamental human activity that gets discovered over and over through different means.

At the same time, it does seem like so much of it is beyond me. When you ask "Would you be exactly where you are regardless of what YOU think YOU do?" I think it again brings me back to this idea of surrender, and of the delicate balance between will and surrender on the path. We have free will, and we choose to embark upon the path, and we have to choose over and over to stay true to it– many times along the way we get lost and have to make a choice as to whether to stay lost or get back on track.

It's like in The Matrix, deciding whether to take the red or blue pill, only we make that choice over and over. And yet, even with all that 'choosing', there is still some sense of being swept along by something larger– of being pulled home, almost magnetically. It's a mystery really, and magic. But then again, back to my first paragraph, maybe not everyone experiences it that way.

Maybe you and I and many of the spiritual seekers and teachers we are drawn to have had similar journeys, but many others out there are being pulled home in an entirely different way, without intentional seeking. I don't know. I love discussions like this, but at the same time have become somewhat wary of them, mostly because many people over the centuries have claimed to know exactly how it all works, and it usually ends up in a war of some type! I know that's a big leap, but I also think it's somewhat true.

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