Michelle Wood, 7

Interview with Michelle Wood


What a wealth of information. It is exciting to hear of your understanding of how Qigong postures and movements are linked to Chinese medicine practices. This interview has been illuminating for me in so many ways. Thank you so much for mindfully sharing so much. I feel that this discussion has touched on many things and is coming to an end. I would, however, like to offer you the opportunity to add anything else you would like to offer to readers before we draw it to a close.


We all are a wealth of information, and have a great capacity to share our wisdom with others. Thank you for this opportunity to share what I know with interested people. I have enjoyed the things you have shared during this interview, too. The only thing I would like to add is that I believe there is great spiritual, emotional, and physical value in taking the time to cultivate the spirit-mind-body connection with dedication and self-discipline the old-fashioned way- that is by taking the time to do it regularly. There are many fine products on the market that promise "instant" ability or "meditation secrets" that will promote deep levels of meditation. However meditation is not about how fast or how deep you can do it. Like most of life- dare I say the best things in life- it's a process of achievement and appreciation for the journey that took you there.

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