Rahasya, 08

Interview with Rahasya


Again, so beautifully put. I love acceptance over forgiveness. No wonder forgiveness is so difficult to manage. I feel that I will adopt so much of the language you use in your answers. The phrase "sums over" for the joining of opposites into their integrated whole. For example, the word "aesthetic" as opposed to "value system" in recognizing individual preference. Also, introducing the plague and fully recognizing the developments that followed. I appreciate this so much.

Is it accepted in Tantra that the divine expresses its wisdom through the harmony exhibited in the organic natural world, and that this expression is complete and whole? In short, that nature knows what it is doing fully, and when one's feelings are honored that this is how we find our way? For example, it feels good to think some things whereas it feels less good to think other things. This body/mind sum leads to a healthy organism for all bodies, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual?


I find the (artificial) concept of a "naturally evolved humanity" useful in teaching. Good for encouraging awareness when a student feels the constraints of mind-ego and needs motivation for the fight. Gives them a hint of what their experience might be like, if not for their inherited restrictions. A thorn used to remove a thorn. A false idea used to remove another false idea, sometimes a few false ideas. The thorn that is used is then easy to discard.

To me, all existence is alive and natural. A streaming of energy/consciousness moving through and inseparable from what we call matter. My view is that nature includes humanity, and all that humanity does. All: Advisors from the planet's largest democracy training terrorists to drag babies over barbed wire. Dakinis and Dakas in South Africa helping people from all sides of our ancestral conflicts, showing them, unambiguously, the truth of love.

We can resist, redirecting the energy of life moving through us, but it will nonetheless find expression. Our free choice resides largely in this ability. The energies of existence that move through your body to their destinations comprise what is called fate, destiny or predetermination. The degree of aware responsiveness or unaware reactivity, the choice we have to accept and dance or resist and struggle with our experience is called free will.

Trees, as far as we know, do not have a mechanism for redirecting the energy of existence that expresses in their growth. Therefore, most trees, given enough space, nutrients and sunlight grow into beautiful trees, full expressions of what that dance of energy and matter can look like. Humans do have such a mechanism, so most humans are bonsai humans– self-restricted through unconscious acceptance of their cultural training.

This looks ugly to free thinkers, anarchists and Dawkins-style evolutionists, but only because it mirrors their own, noticed but unaddressed constraints. I do not regard bonsai humans as unnatural or ugly. What their combined energies can do is surely core to the expression and expansion of life and consciousness. I respect them as playing the game of life with total suspension of disbelief, in shallow (but as deep as they get) acceptance.

There is no species divide. Seekers do not represent a step in evolution. They do not breed true. Like everyone else, they start out mostly in the bonsai condition. Coming to awareness, they find their constraints to be self-imposed. Of course, each of us that chooses to move cooperatively with what existence wants of us catalyses those around us. As Tantra tends to work with the elite of a culture, it is a route whereby awareness-positive attitudes can affect group minds.

For example Werner Erhart's impact on Hollywood, Oprah and Dr. Phil– I believe some very gorgeous things can arise from the current murky dirty stuff currently going on in international business/war/politics/religion. Health and growth are very hard to see close up– mostly because life moves jerkily at small scales, smoothly at large scales.

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