Rahasya, 10

Interview with Rahasya


Please now tell me more about your school.


Ok, let's see how I go on my favorite topic. When I started teaching, around December 2002, the first of the women who are now Dakinis (a title not given lightly) were attracted to and learned from me in a beautiful assortment of ways … their own stories to tell, one day. One by one, they came to a level of awareness from which they could be of great use to others. Again, their own stories to tell, their first experiences of teaching led to the method or approach that is still the core of our teaching work.

Historically, Dakinis have always been the true carriers and founders of tantric lineages. They have been the mothers, lovers and wives of the men that in a patriarchal world had to be seen to be leading. Very occasionally, they have broken cover and been known publically. Very seldom have they been available to seekers that were sufficiently persistent to find them. Even when they have been, they have been extremely careful and selective.

Mostly, the very few men there teaching were available to were their lovers in one context or another. Very seldom did a Dakini teach many men, even though many had the capacity. My hope in the early days of my teaching was that they would pass on what I have taught them to at least one man, at least as far as he would be able to learn.

My delight is that they each choose to engage with men who show just a minimum of respect and sincerity … round about what is usual in the culture for a therapist or medical specialist. They make available a level of conscious teaching that was simply unavailable in the west, perhaps in the world, when I was seeking. They make it very available, and are hugely generous in how accepting and encouraging they are of their students.

In individual sessions work, the Dakini supports her student to his awareness. She challenges assumptions about love, eroticism, beauty, truth and sex. Whatever the student's capacity, level of awareness or degree of contraction, she is available to nurture, teach, guide and love. What she does not do is contract to provide any particular or general sexual experience. She does contract to do the best she can, informed by her intuition and experience, to support this particular seeker in what they most need to learn or practice right now.

A session can look like passionate lovemaking. It can also look like life-coaching or even intense nagging! Dietary recommendations, karate, yoga and so on– have on occasion been prescribed/required by Dakinis. They use their considerable overt and subtle powers to show you what lies beyond your mind-ego's assumptions and defenses, whatever that takes and however it looks. They are ruthless in their compassion.

Irreverent joke: What is the difference between a Dakini and the Goddess? Answer: You can negotiate with the Goddess. Some students have a regular session every week or month. Others, just whenever they feel brave enough. Some find their first session so moving, so vast in its implications that it takes a couple of years before they are ready for another.

More recently, we have evolved several levels of group work to help with the more common areas of the work. The stuff pretty much every Tantrika needs to address. Where possible, we encourage couples with a mutual interest in Tantra to work together. In a couples sessions, we support them to be teachers to each other.

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