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Interview with Rahasya


What is your "position" there? Also, do these Dakinis historically have any connection to the Vestal Virgins in Greek city states, who were keepers of the heart(h)?


The Dakinis call me "director of the school", "guru" and "swami" in that context. In basic structure, we seem to have evolved something similar, in core structure, to the traditional functions of Dakas, Dakinis and guru. In ancient Greece, the Hetaera were the Dakinis. Their intent was similar to Egyptian king making. Their students became renowned philosophers and civic leaders. Producing those leaders, charging very high prices to do so, paying a lot of tax and sponsoring libraries, baths gave them status equivalent to those they had taught. They were women with overt and significant social power.

Greece was also much influenced from the Hindu and Buddhist East as well, though. It is possible that a Dakini tradition of healing wounded warriors came to Greece via Theravada Buddhism. Theravada … Theraputae … therapists– much like Krishna … Christos … Christ. Vestal virgins were a later Roman thing, and possibly the last way women in the Western world managed to have some autonomy, space to teach each other in an institution respected (for a while) by the patriarchal environment.


How does one go about becoming involved in this school of yours? Where is it located exactly, how many are involved currently, and what requirements must be met? I'd like readers to have this information.


The core school is me, five Dakinis and two Dakas teaching. We have worked with a few hundred seekers so far. Perhaps thirty we would regard as adepts, students who have some worthwhile capability. At present, there are a few interested in teaching Tantra or neo-Tantra practices, and working towards that. We do travel. Currently an adept, a Dakini and a Daka are in India filming a documentary on ancient Indian schools. Plans for teaching (groups, workshops) in England, and possibly the USA are being considered, but we prefer to encourage students to come here.

We are based in South Africa's two major cities, where most individual sessions happen. We do regular retreats and workshops in a few particularly special venues around the country. Since being represented at a conference in Arizona, and giving around half of the presentations at an international conference here, we have become much more connected with Tantrikas around the world. Dakini Shakti is very involved in organizing the next Sexuality and Consciousness conference in Cape Town, December this year.

Requirements: We do stress that this is a spiritual path, and a rough one at that. We make no claims about healing ED, PE or sexual addictions. Many students come to us with these problems, relationship issues and so on, which tend to resolve quite naturally in the course of the work. We like students to have had some physical discipline … yoga, martial arts, gymnastics, dance. Some mental discipline … almost any esoteric, mystical studies count. Computer programming, modern physics, playing Go, LGATs (est style things), NLP or even personal coaching training.

Of course, we especially like students with some experience of Neo-Tantra work. We like all the big-name schools for this, the Osho centers, Margo Anand's Sky Dancing school– even the ones who "don't teach neo Tantra", because they do, and that critical-of-others attitude is just their marketing pose. To encourage more international students, and give them a deep, worthwhile experience of Tantra … more than a weekend retreat, Dakini Wendy and I have partnered with a travel agent to offer what we call Tantra Safaris– 11 or so days, four workshops and the option of individual sessions. The venue is the gorgeous Sabi Sabi game reserve.

We have had a number of requests from students for "certification" in some areas of tantric work. The debate is on. Perhaps we will play that game too.


Thank you so much for doing this interview. It has been inspiring for me. I still have so many questions. I believe you have a website that offers information for anyone who has further questions. Is that right?


It has been fun, Benjamin.

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