Yvonne And Art, 1

Interview with Yvonne and Art


Would you call the space that you get into when you paint meditative?


In most cases, yes. There is no time then and I hardly think. Last night I wrote this:

*Who paints?*

*That which is painting through me*

*is innocent, unlogical and pictorial*

*it juggles the paint brush*

*plays with the colors *

*and finally lets me designate the outcome*


I love the poem. Innocence is so important. As much as I want to resist asking you to break down this experience further to respect the brevity and beauty of this poem, I still would like to hear more about the innocence, the absence of logic, and in particular the "letting you designate the outcome". Let's begin with your entrance into the meditative state. You obviously get the necessary material together, but then what happens. The more detail in terms of sensation and awareness the better.


First let me say, unfortunately I was never able to paint out of the blue. I need a model/draft. I see something (photo, something in a magazine, rarely places outside) and at once *know* I want to and will paint this. The extreme case was about 10 years between *seeing* and actually painting it. The reason why I say this is, that even this *knowing* of the picture inside of me and *thinking* about it, imagining it from time to time, has meditative aspects. Somehow like being pregnant and already feeling an intimate relationship. Being *still* together.

Art as Meditation No-Mind

When it finally comes to painting, I sometimes get into a *pull*, my hands choose the colors without my mind involved. The brush moves on the paper and very often I can't *remember* afterward how the forms got to the paper. I am not a professional artist, never learned any technique, there are always *faults* in my pictures, but nevertheless I always ask myself *How did I do that??* I guess the meditative aspect is the being totally in the Now– there is no room for anything else but the Now.

Meditation and Artists


Who can know "why" we do things? Still, do you feel that part of the draw to this process (beginning with the compelling image) is the power of this meditative state– the being so utterly present in the now? Also, do you think there is something going on with the nature of the images, archetypes, for example– or symbols for rites of passage?


Oops, sorry, I don't get the meaning of this *or symbols for rites of passage*??

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